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Amazon Advertising Services

Amazon is a big e-commerce platform of the world to draws billions of online visitors. If you have an e-commerce business on Amazon and want to boost revenues, we help you to implement Amazon Ads as a part of our performance marketing. Our main objective to design and implement Amazon Ads is to apply data-based decisions to optimize your brand campaigns and increase revenues. 

Our Strategies to Create Amazon Ads

We know that Amazon Ad services help marketers get assistance from paid marketing experts. We at Brandlogies act as experts to develop the following strategies-

Set Goals to Optimize the Ad Contents

We analyze your business requirements to identify both short-term and long-term Amazon PPC goals to identify the scope of PPC campaigns.


We focus on the requirements of your business to design well-researched and targeted strategies to boost the digital visibility of your brand. Whenever you decide to use Amazon Ads, you will get customized solutions from our Brandlogies experts.

Design a Successful Search Strategy

Our Brandlogies performance marketers coordinate PPC strategy with SEO techniques to formulate a successful search strategy. In particular, we look for organic keywords and Amazon PPC, which have the highest conversion rate.

Scope of Our Amazon Ad Services under Performance Marketing Services

Sponsored Product Ads

Our experts at Brandlogies promote your products on product description pages of your e-commerce sites and different search results. We know that Amazon PPC ads have accurate product-oriented keywords frequently searched by customers. Even a few ads remain visible in the top section of various Amazon search results.

Besides, Amazon sponsors its PPC ads, which give a relatively higher opportunity to retarget customers to buy products left in their carts. In other words, with Amazon PPC ads, you may persuade online store visitors to buy products of the brand.

Sponsored Brand Ads

We design sponsored brand Amazon ads to increase awareness of your brand. These ads have your brand logo and an appealing tagline. Sponsored brand ads give you a strong customer base leading to customer loyalty related to future sales. With our appealing sponsored ads, you may assure strong recall value of your brand among your buyers.     

Product Display Ads

Are you willing to take your ad campaign beyond the e-commerce domain even when you are not an Amazon seller? Avail of product display Amazon ads offered by our Brandlogies performance marketers to promote on Amazon-related websites and gadgets. Display ads redirect your customers to the landing page of your official store instead of the Amazon website.

Amazon Video Ads

Our Brandlogies professionals customize audio-visual advertisement campaigns to develop marketing strategies for your brand. For this, we strive hard to create top-notch PPC ads on Amazon with premium quality videos and audio, high-resolution images, and enticing content to engage your customers.

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