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Social Media Optimizing Services

Social proof for a particular business may not work well for another one. Our experts at Brandlogies take steps to find the best way to resonate with your prospects and existing customers. For this, we conduct thorough research and minutely test different platforms, from where we get testimonials on various pages, written reviews, and video reviews for your business.  

Social Media is nowdays mostly used as a search engine, where buyers can compare, research & ask about the product. If you are not present on social media, then you may loose 50% of your potential customers. Build your social proof by engaging through your social content.

Types of Social Media Optimization Channels We Handle for Social Proof

Depending on the type of your business, we use many online marketing platforms or channels to obtain social proof.


We create many appealing Facebook posts to promote your products. Simultaneously, we design separate pages for your online store to connect with your customers too without any paid advertisement.


We create LinkedIn profiles for your online and e-commerce stores. For this, we have experienced content writers who search for trendy topics and frequently search for details by the target audience. Accordingly, the writers create news style and long-form content to resolve the queries and discuss the latest events. We recommend you to focus on Linked In marketing if you want to connect with other companies or individual businesses. Our experts are always there to share a pool of valuable B2B content.


We have experienced graphic designers who use the latest tools to share interactive and stunning images related to your business. In this way, we design stackable content in no time on Instagram.


Based on our knowledge, awareness, and expertise in online advertisement, we know that YouTube is the second strong search engine. Hence, we help your company by sharing many of your business and products or services videos. In this way, your prospects may know your company or brand personally before they make any purchase.

Social Proof

What We Check in Social Proof as a Part of SMO

Testimonials, Reviews and Ratings 

When your prospects see positive feedback from your existing customers, they develop trust in your business. Testimonials are excellent ways to use social proof, as it highlights the way in which your company resolves a particular problem. Hence, when our experts use testimonials as a social proof on your e-commerce or online store, we include the full name, profession, photo, and company of customers. 

We create certain platforms so that your loyal customers may share video testimonials as well. Regardless of the format you choose, you must make sure to align the testimonials with the personas of your buyers. Other than that, we select customer testimonials, which match with the ideal customers. 

Similar to testimonials, we even check reviews and ratings obtained from your loyal customers. A prospect makes a purchase only when he/she finds positive reviews and ratings of your business and your offered products. Hence, we check different mediums, including Google Plus, Yellow pages and other online portals to find the number of positive and negative reviews. If we find positive reviews, we acknowledge immediately. However, in the case of negative reviews, we communicate with your clients and resolve their issues to avoid any complaint in future. 

Social Shares and Social Connections 

When your social media page has millions of follows, you think that they are popular and legit. This makes social shares and social connections as effective social proofs. People notice any action as appropriate when other people do it. If your prospects see many followers in your business page and share your contents, they have a higher tendency to be part of the crowd.  

Therefore, with relevant social proof for your business, we help you develop confidence and trust feelings in your potential buyers.

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