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Google Adwords /Bing/Microsoft Ads - Display, Search, Video & Banner

Whether you want to grow your online business, expand the reach, or look for new customers, we help you to achieve your goals by using Google Ads or Microsoft Ads platform. As a leading and widely used advertising platform across the world, Google Ads and Microsoft or Bing Ads help you to approach millions of target audiences

Google Ads Benefits to Your Brand

#1 Why We Choose Google Ads and Bing/Microsoft Ads

Google Ads advertisement is an ideal online advertisement resource for the following reasons-

  • Google Ads allow targeted advertising on Google according to devices, networks, language attributes, and geographic locations.
  • Google Ads provides proper control of each advertisement and its budget. 
  • Google Ads creates measurable value according to a flexible budget, cost as per results, and informed spending.

#2 Microsoft Ads Roles to Promote Your Brand

Depending on the exposure you want for your online business, we use Microsoft Ads in combination with Google Ads. Doing so will help-

  • Import of existing campaigns by using a particular Google Ads account
  • Approach new audiences 
  • Low competition on various ad spaces to achieve improved ad placements
  • Pay a relatively less amount for clicks in a Microsoft Ad
  • Advertisement on the Bing display or search networks

Types of Paid Ads We Design

Our performance marketing team works on the following networks to offer you paid online advertising solutions-

  • Search networks for paid searches 
  • Display networks to place and re-market your ads
  • Video networks to promote YouTube advertisements 
  • Shopping network for shopping ads
  • Universal advertisement campaigns for your online business, which may highlight on display, search, or video
Right Paid Ad Cost to Avoid Wastage

Our experts at Brandlogies use vast knowledge and apply skill sets to create your ads, generate leads for business, and achieve the sales you want to achieve. We are well aware that figuring out the right way to attract a target audience is challenging and tricky. Our specialists suggest the right cost for a paid advertisement. In this way, you will avoid wasting your time or money on any irrelevant click.

Regular A/B Testing of Ads to Deliver the Best Results

We regularly conduct A/B Testing of different Google and Microsoft ads. Accordingly, we make sure to deliver relevant results and optimize advertisement campaigns for your long-term success. Our professional paid marketers at Brandlogies always maintain 100 percent transparency to inform you of the performance of ads with access to different business accounts.

Show your ads everywhere

Our Systematic Approach to Advertise Your Business/Brand

Whether you want to advertise your business/brand on Google, Bing, or Microsoft, our professionals follow a systematic approach as-

  • Establishment of the specific account goals for your business
  • Determine the target audience for your business 
  • Conduct detailed and refined keyword research
  • Set budgets and place bids for your paid advertisement campaigns
  • Create an optimal account structure for you
  • Writing of high-performing advertisements 
  • Creating effective landing pages for your online business 
  • Implementation of certain tools to track conversion 
  • Putting efforts to improve your remarketing lists 

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