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Influencer Outreach

Why Influencer Are Required For Your Brand?

We at Brandlogies know that the role of influencer marketing is to gain a huge amount of trust. Social influencers give their valuable recommendations and follow your product offers and business’ social media pages. Considering this-

  • Identification of Influencers 
  • Determine Mediums to Approach Influencers 
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Identification of Influencers

Once our marketers set goals and plan according to your network, we identify the types of your target influencers. 

  • Our Efforts to Research Influencers 

We conduct detailed research to identify the right influencers. We consider the following things while we do research-

  • Type of Post Influencers Share 

We look for influencers who have already posted things and topics related to your offered services. For instance, if you own a restaurant and want to promote its new menu, you have to find influencers who often share posts related to dining out or anything like that. 

  • Check the Legitimacy of Influencers 

Our experts scroll through the feed of the influencers and click through on their posts. We consistently check and avoid spam comments and poor ratios related to customer engagement and follower count. These indicate fraudulent accounts. 

  • We Prefer the Experienced Influencers 

We not only search for influencers related to your business or product offers but also prefer the ones who have experience with similar brands. Depending on a particular type of influencer, a seasoned one may show a press kit containing a portfolio related to the work. We help you invest in influencers to let you get the highest possible profit. 

Depending on your requirement, we even use a few advanced tools for identifying your potential influencers related to your advertisement campaigns. 

Determine Mediums to Approach Influencers

We take different steps to approach the researched influencers. Accordingly-

  • Micro-Influencers

In the case of micro-influencers, we approach them directly by sending them private messages on a particular platform.

  • Established Influencers 

We approach established influencers on behalf of your company or business to click around the profile of influencers and create a list of contact details to conduct business inquiries in their biography. Even a few influencers link their websites to denote brand partnerships with your business. 

Tracking Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

We regularly track the outcomes of influencer marketing campaigns. Accordingly-

  • Our experts create specific hashtags to track the activities of your brand influencers to promote your online store. 
  • If you own an e-commerce store and want to increase sales, we share a few tracking links or affiliate codes to check the number of sales generated via influencers. 

Therefore, with influencers as followers, we achieve social proof to potential customers of your brand and convert your buyers into loyal customers. 

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