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Why meme Marketing should be taken seriously?

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During the past decade, memes have become a part of our modern lifestyle, a way to express ourselves, and a rapidly-spreading humorous phenomenon. Today, memes are in every part of our lives, including businesses.

Meme marketing is not just a phase, it’s something all of us need to take more seriously than ever. Moreover, meme marketing has become so strong and relevant that it is actually impossible to open a digital device without seeing at least one of them.

The ever-increasing competition has made modern-day marketers face many challenges making it tough to grow small businesses.  You just can’t post everything on the internet today, you’ve to be updated with the trends and then tailor it in a way that would best represent your brand to the audience.

On average, an individual spends 2 hours on their mobiles, especially on social media. According to Google Trends, it was found that the search term “memes” is  as popular as the search term “Jesus.”

Social media is a space full of advertisements daily. Now, what will make your audience stop scrolling when they see your brand’s advertisement?  Probably an attractive template or a well-targeted meme can catch the attention. The work of online advertisement services is growing manifold daily because of the pressure of creating memes.

Marketing with humor is not only a clever way but also an effective one to engage hard-to-reach customers because you’re putting the advertisement in a format they like and want to see.

A meme has three major ingredients:

  • Pop culture reference
  • A humorous slant
  • Relevancy

Meme marketing also emphasizes brevity, simplicity, trends, and culture. The fun element of memes is that it keeps the people predicting which news will become popular and turn into a meme by looking at the ongoing trends. One major reason why meme marketing has become effective is the fact that it is in flows with time.

Since memes span across all diversity covering people’s interests, genres, and platforms, you will always find a relatable meme that fully fits your situation or needs.It is also a great way to interact with your online audience.

What happens when you make a good meme within your niche and business?

First, you’ll cause a good laugh in your audience, but after that they’ll start seeing you as a relatable entity. This happens because the audience is able to relate to your brand and they’ll empathize with it. Once you reach the level of relatability, the audiences will start seeing your brand as a cool friend.

Here are two ways to reach the masses and make your brand more relatable:

  1. Humanize Your Brand

People are easily attracted to companies with character and personality and not companies that look robotic, whose only aim is to sell, sell, sell. This makes your company an approachable one.

  1. Create Sharable Content

The main characteristic of a meme is sharability. If a person can share the meme with their friends, it means your company is doing a great job. This increases your reach as you might eventually reach to your potential customers.

While doing all this, don’t try to fit every generation. Some companies might not cater to the younger generation but would try extremely hard to make it relatable to them. This isn’t a good practice as eventually, your brand will become irrelevant to the masses.

If you feel your workload becomes overwhelming because of meme creations, you can always contact Branding agencies who will make sure you reach the right audience with the right content.

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